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Job Description untuk Production Engineer October 19, 2009

Posted by nzafee in DUNIA MIGAS.

Tanya – Irfan

Mungkin ada yang tahu jobdescription untuk pekerjaan “production engineer” atau “barge engineer” ??, mohon bisa disharing informasinya, thanks & regards.

Tanggapan 1 – Abraham Imam Muttaqin

Untuk Production Engineer, jobdes-nya antara lain :

1. Ensuring that Senior Production Engineers and other Engineering personnel are assigned to projects.

2. Ensuring that all Engineering requirements are clearly defined.

3. Liaising with the Senior Production Engineers and assisting as required in the co-ordination of their respective projects.

4. Deputising for the Division Chief Engineer in his absence.

5. Attending site Project meetings as necessary.

6. Ensuring that Management Project Status reports are published.

7. Ensuring that material requirements for projects are available in a timely manner and that material demands are raised in adequate time.

8. Liaising with Fabrication personnel to ensure that they are aware of Project requirements.

Tanggapan 2 – irfan

Terima kasih Bung Abraham,

Kalo gitu hampir sama dengan jobdesc untuk Human Resources & Development atau Business Development ya ??

Tanggapan 3 – nurhari

I think the important of the poduction engineer

Planning, Organising , controlling and reviewing of the production maybe could be the same function with Project engineering. And the important thing of “production” is Customer satisfaction.

Tanggapan 4 – irfan

Thanks mr. nur hari, btw are you graduated from teknik perkapalan’95 or teknik perkapalan’94 FTK ITS that i ever knew it ?

Tanggapan 5 – Christanto Kaelan

Mas Irfan,

Kalo boleh nambahin responsibilities dari manual nya tempatnya saya bekerja, Responsibilities of produciton engineer :

1. Review all drawing, specs.

2. Work with yard personnel,client to resolve any fabrication problems.

3. Prepare material purcahase list.

4. Ensure yard is supplied with the correct material and drawing to meer schedule requirement.

5. Ensure material, fabrication, and installation in accrodance of drawing and specs.

6. Coordinate the planning to ensure compliance with the overall plan.

7. Assist in any testing as required.

Tentu saja job desc ini disesuaikan dengan kondisi Mcdermott sebagai perusahaan konstruksi. Untuk jenis usaha yang laen, mungkin job desc nya bakal menyesuaikan.




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